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Tour Descriptions  (click a tour for more details) Dates for 2006
Oregon Coast Sustainability
Oregon's world-renowned Coastal Scenic Bike Route follows legendary Route 101's twists and turns along the rustic bluffs of the Oregon Coast. Along the way, we will visit organic farms, a land trust, a visionary community school, and more. 
June 3 - June 11
June 24 - July 2
July 29 - August 6
(one week tour)
Permaculture & Sustainability Tour
Ride through the lush Willamette River Valley, home to innumerable wineries, fruit orchards, and beautiful scenery. Many, however, are not aware of the presence of the many progressive organizations with truly international repute, with whom we will be working and learning.
July 1 - July 16
August 5 - August 20
(two week tour)
Columbia River Gorge Tour
The Columbia Gorge is home to hundreds of waterfalls, including the second largest year-round waterfall in the US. This tour will ride through the Gorge along the beautiful scenic route, all the way to eastern Oregon to visit with the very unique Umatilla Indian Reservation.
May 20 - June 4
(two week tour)
Combined Coast / Valley
Ride both the Oregon Coast Sustainability and the Permaculture & Sustainability tours for a full three week experience.
June 24 - July 16
July 29 - August 20
(three week tour)
Combined Coast / Gorge Tour
Ride both the Oregon Coast Sustainability and the Columbia River Gorge & Sustainability tours for a full three week experience.
May 20 - June 11
(three week tour)

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