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Rugged Oregon Coast Sustainability Tour

  • Stay at Try/On Life Community Farm, where permaculture, cob building, and a communal way of life are the norm.
  • Work and sleep under the stars at an organic farm and be inspired by its visionary owner.
  • Get your hands dirty working side-by-side with stakeholders at a coastal land trust.
  • Work with an incredibly hardworking staff at CARE, a Tillamook food bank, helping with community gardens; learn about the hunger problems that hurt small coastal towns.
  • Have the opportunity to go sea kayaking!
  • Visit the Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology, a unique refuge that bridges art, nature, and humanity in an inspirational, beautiful setting.
  • Stay at a community school in a former dairy barn that will redefine your notion of schooling and education.
  • Hike coastal trails, viewing some of the most spectacular coastline in the world.

Click here for links to further information on our hosts.

Please note: The reality of host logistics makes it impossible to absolutely confirm an itinerary. The above are planned events but are subject to change as necessary.

Route & Mileage:
Shuttle riders to the coast, where we will ride south along the coast to Neskowin. From here, we will head east through the Coast Range and into the Willamette Valley before heading north to Portland. Shorter rides along the route will allow us to meet with hosts. The first few days will be low mileage (10-30 miles/day), with some non-biking days and shorter ride days between host locations. Mileage on the trips will increase, with the final days averaging ~50 miles per day. Total mileage ~210 miles.

June 3 - June 11
June 24 - July 2
July 29 - August 6
The above dates include the weekend prior to each trip for the required training. Please plan on arriving in Portland by Friday 6/2, 6/23, or 7/28 for the training Saturday morning.)

$1175 tour cost + $125 registration fee, which covers:

sign up early and save $250!  Pay just $925 (plus registration) before February 1st!

  • A comprehensive two-day training preceding the trip covering the following:
    • Anti-oppression trainings
    • Basic first-aid
    • Basic bike maintenance
    • Much, much more
  • Service projects with hosts working on sustainability & progressive thinking.
  • Three balanced & nutritious meals daily that are mostly locally-sourced, organic and vegan during both the training and the length of the ride.
  • A Support-and-Gear (SAG) vehicle that carries all group and individual gear except that needed on the road with riders (snacks, water, camera, patch kits, etc.)
  • Comprehensive directions and maps of the route.

Space is limited, so sign up now!

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