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Our Mission:
Through a focus on solutions and pro-active models, to facilitate social change by empowering activists and inspiring formation of innovative grassroots projects.

Our operational principles:
  • We recognize ourselves to be a part of a broader global movement for a just, sustainable and democratic society and work in compliance with the 10 key values of the Green Movement.
  • We properly manage and mitigate risks of our programs, recognizing participant and staff safety as our top priority.
  • We operate in line with the best feasible sustainability principles and philosophies.
  • We recognize that a diverse, inspired, skilled team driven by a clear common mission and values is foundationally critical to the wellbeing of the organization, and thus carefully consider our hiring decisions, properly investing in staff compensation and development.
  • While we recognize that a considerable start-up investment must be made, we demand that each of our programs must become entirely self-sustaining within a reasonable amount of time. For programs which cannot generate revenue but otherwise are in line with our mission, we set clear results by which we can measure success.

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