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Recommended and Mandatory Gear List [printable PDF format]

For your convenience we have divided our gear list into required and recommended gear. 

Required Gear:
Sleeping bag
Packable 'stuff sack' kind, for temperatures down to 40oF


Sleeping mat
Don't underestimate the importance of this one! You will be very uncomfortable without it! Must be small and packable.
Camelbak-style Hydration Pack
or other 3+Liter water storage capability
Front and rear lights (remember batteries!)
Patch kit and 3 tire changing levers Reflective safety vest
Spare tubes (2) Third-eye mirror
    Cycling sunglasses / eye protection

** Please make sure that you have some means of carrying all required and desired personal gear (and snacks :) while on your bike. We recommend a camelback-style hydration pack with pockets.

Bike: You may choose to bring your own bicycle, or rent a bicycle from a local provider for between $60-$150 per week. It is often cheaper to rent than to ship your bicycle. Please contact us for more information about renting a bicycle - information on shipping your bike to us will be provided with your confirmation letter 45 days before the tour.

We will ride mostly on paved roads but there will be patches of dirt, some gravel and much road-side debris. We therefore request you bring a bike with puncture-reinforced tires. The type of bike you bring is up to you - it is truly a matter of preference!

You must have your bike checked by your local bike shop to make sure it is adequate touring 200-300 miles. It may also be cheaper to rent a bike through one of our recommended providers (see travel logistics section).

We reserve the right to inspect and potentially disqualify bikes before the tour to ensure safety of the tour.

Recommended Gear:
Waterproof, breathable, and bright colored
Rugged shoes for hiking and working (somewhat waterproof / resistant)
Waterproof and breathable
Rain booties/shoe covers
Comfortable biking shoes Rain helmet cover
Casual pants (1 pair)
Warm gloves (rainproof preferred)
Outside work pants (1 pair)
Cotton T-Shirts (2) Sunscreen
Shorts for biking (2 pairs) Towel (tight-packing travel towel recommended)
Hiking shorts or pants (1 pair)
Personal amenities
(toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)
Cycling jerseys or poly-pro shirts (2 pairs) Underwear (4 pairs)
Light-weight riding jacket or pullover (non-cotton) For chilly mornings or to be worn under rain gear. Swiss army knife/Leatherman
Light-weight riding pants or leg-warmers (non-cotton) For chilly mornings or to be worn under rain gear. Camera and film
Heavy fleece jacket for camp Journal and pen
Non-cotton socks for riding
(2 pairs)
Bug repellant
Hiking/outdoor socks (2 pairs) Sandals
Warm hat (fleece or wool)    

We will provide group tents and kitchen/cooking utensils. If you wish to have your own tent, please call us first to ensure there will be space in the van.

Luggage And Packing Guidelines:

We will be limited in our space and it is imperative that you pack lightly and efficiently. You must limit your baggage to:

  • your sleeping bag
  • camping mat
  • one item of luggage that satisfies airline carry-on space and weight requirements
  • optional hydration pack or daypack used for carrying required and desired bike gear

Riders should not bring any fragile equipment such as laptop computers, breakable items, etc.
We are not responsible for theft, loss or other damage to/of any items brought on the tour, including your bike.

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